Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's Get Ready to Ramble!

Be prepared. This blog post is going to be all over the place.

Day 8 of Mission Makeover Mama. Today I did the firm. Yes indeedy. I want firmness, not flabbiness. Yesterday the roller blades were a success. But the strap on my roller blades broke. The weird thing is John's strap broke the day before. I realize we've had these roller blades for over 4 years, but we've only used them about six times! I guess the warranty was up.

It's supposed to be 90 degrees on Easter. Yuck. The heat has begun and I'm not happy about it!

I have been staying up way to late for my own good. It's so hard for me to get to bed early, because night's are my play time. It's not good for John either. Apparently the man can't go to sleep without me. My dad was that way too. He would come find my mom and say, "Honey are we going to bed?" I used to hate it! I'd be having a conversation with my mom and she'd have to go just so my dad could go to sleep. I'm not as sweet as my mom. When John says he wants to go to bed I tell him he knows where the bed is! There are times I need to work on the sweetness factor.

Here's my latest page. I really like how it turned out.
Image hosting by PhotobucketThe journaling says, "While we were camping we went on a nature hike. Cameron and Ethan had to many questions. Where's the turtle? What color is it? Which Plant? Is that plant poisonous? Dad took the time to answer every question and explain it until you understood it perfectly. Soon you found a tree perfect for climbing. Dad said, "Run up the tree!" And you did because you knew dad was there. May you always come to dad for advice. And may you always know he is behind you.

Don't you hate it when you're watching a television show on a regular volume level. And then suddenly the commercials come blaring on so loudly! That Oxy Clean guy is the worse!

I need a mommy attitude adjustment. Every year the school has field day. The kid's get to play outdoor games, moon walks, dunking booths, and eat smoothies. All the mom's get to come watch. And I don't like going. There I said it. But don't tell Cameron I said that! It's hot, dirty, and loud. And they won't let younger siblings participate. Normally I would leave Ethan with a friend, but in my effort to make my boy's happy I have to bring him along. Ethan has speech therapy at the school 45 minutes into field day. So, I'm going to have an unhappy 4 year old watching his brother have fun.

Look Madison made an edible animal cell. Can't you tell that's a cell, silly people! Image hosting by PhotobucketJust another fun project the teacher's make you do. Don't ask me what marshmallow cream and fruit leather in a pie plate teaches you about cell membranes and the nucleus. Let me just say she'd better get a good grade!

Speaking of Madison, isn't she gorgeous? This is me taking a picture of Madison taking a picture. Image hosting by Photobucket Thank goodness I didn't pass the Ralph gene onto her!

And finally. I feel ripped off. I lived in Utah for 23 years. And I never saw one Alien! I never saw a UFO. Not even a bright light in the sky. But according to this web site, UUFOH, those aliens are running willy nilly all over the place! I always miss the good stuff.

You know what's scary about this rambling blog of mine, this is how it is inside my mind at all times. On the outside I'm quiet and reserved. Inside I'm a raging storm. Multiple personalities I tell ya!

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