Monday, April 3, 2006

I'm Harmful to My Child's Animal Naming Abilities!

I made this sweet little book for Ethan. I made it with the pictures I took when we went on a trip to the zoo. (A trip that Madison and Cameron were not supposed to ever find out about because they were in school when we went. If you want to keep that a secret don't make a scrapbook about it! oops) I took each picture of the animal and placed the letter that it starts with, I even put the pictures in alphabetical order. In theory this is to help Ethan learn his letters and practice his speech. But this doesn't work so well when you can't correctly name your animals!

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Did you know that Arangutan is actually spelled with an O? As in Orangutan? So, the first page of the book doesn't actually begin with the letter A, it is supposed to be an O?

I thought it was so cute that my picture of the Leopard had an L that had the print of the leopard skin. But in reality it's not a leopard, it's a jaguar. So, it should be a J!

My cute female tigers cleaning themselves are actually female lions. So much for that T.

In my defense, I got the baboon, rhino, seal, monkey, giraffe, and warthog correct. But no one notices that. They only notice that I can't tell the difference between a jaguar and a leopard. sheesh!

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