Monday, March 13, 2006

Lake Livingston

We packed and took the kids camping over Spring Break. It was definitely a much needed break for all of us. Our friends, the Sessions, asked us to go and we will forever be thankful to them for inviting us. We did all the usual camping stuff like smores, fishing, funky bathrooms, and hiking. The highlight of the trip was the horse back tour we went on. The kids loved it! Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

At the entrance of the campground there was an old phone booth! I can't remember the last time I saw one of these. My kids didn't have a clue what it was. I told them it was a phone and Superman used to change his clothes in it! They didn't get it. But McCall and I saw it as the perfect photo opportunity and we stuffed all 6 kids in it!

I'll post the pictures of the horseback riding later. The photos are on J's camera.
Have a great Monday!

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