Monday, March 27, 2006

I Miss My Face!

I can't believe it myself, but I miss seeing my face! So I'm changing my profile picture back to my old mug instead of my cartoon self.

And Mama got a new pair of shoes! Last Christmas my SILLaura was wearing a cute pair of Skechers. She told me they were the best. So, I need a good pair of shoes for our trip to D.C. I went online last night to look at the Skechers website. I found these Cutie Patootie's! On the site they are priced at $54.00. On previous posts I've talked about the fact that I'm cheap, so I knew if I were to buy these I would have to find a sale. So I picked up my Sunday paper on the off chance that there was a sale. The first add I looked at was for Academy and there were my shoes for $29.99! Yeah baby! So John and I made our way to Academy at lunch and picked up my oh so comfy shoes. I'm prepared to walk the streets of DC! (And Laura, I think these are similar to your shoes, but are they your EXACT shoes? If they are, I'm sorry, I must be a big fat copy cat!)

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