Thursday, March 2, 2006

Another The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Good: It's Friday! And it's spring break next week! At this point I'm excited to have my children home. But next week spring break may be listed under the bad.

Bad: The smell persists. I cleaned my refrigerator, and as I suspected everything was clear. Now I think it may be coming from the freezer side. I am assuming that it is my husband's mystery meat that has been tormenting me for the last several months. My husband hunts for duck. When I suggested that he should find a hobby I didn't think that meant he would bear arms. Anyhoo, he spends a small fortune on his weapon of choice, ammunition, supplies, and the license to kill. And then he'll take a weekend to go on the hunt. He returns home dirty, tired, and proud. He'll carry in his kill with a look on his face like he just saved his family from starvation. And then he'll place in our freezer his prize. A small dark colored piece of meat about the size of a cell phone. Way to go hunter man!

Ugly: Ladies, watch those hip hugger jeans. I know I know! They're cute riding there low on your little hips. They're the style. But do us all a favor and do a little crouching and bending in front of the dressing room mirror before buying those puppies. Because no matter how thin you are the plumber butt look is not good on anyone!

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