Friday, February 17, 2006

I Spell

My brother just informed me that it's spelled censor, not censured.
He's smart like that because he's a school teacher.
He can spell in English and Spanish.
Lately, I'm struggling with English.
I did spell check censure and it was correct.
But the definition was wrong.
Now I had to spell check definition.
I spelled it correctly, but note the never ending cycle of spell check!
I used to make fun of my mother because she couldn't spell.
She failed to inform me that I would loose spelling brain cells when I gave birth.
It's something about expeling the placenta forces you to expel all spelling capability. (yes I had to spell check expel)
I also got a 1/2 size larger in my shoe size with every child.
I was once a size 6.
Now I'm a size 7.
I'm a big foot non-speller.

1 comment:

 Anonymous said...

You're funny, you big footed poor speller, you!Big Brother

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