Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Here's a Rambling Post

*John had work off yesterday. It was nice just to "hang" with him. We went to lunch, a little shopping, and some time with our youngest.

*I'm starting the whole scrapbook working thing today.

*I am going to register Ethan for Pre-K tomorrow. My baby's growing up!

*Grey's Anatomy! Love it tons! If you are not watching this show you really should. And it has nice eye candy. I'm loving McDreamy and McSteamy. But I'm really upset that George's heart is going to be crushed by Meredith!

*I've been hinting to John that I want this. I may have to go buy it myself and then John will be mad at me for spending the money. Can't the guy take a hint? (and no he doesn't read my blog)

*I cut Cameron's hair by myself! I bought the razor, watch the instructional dvd, and I went to town. It looks pretty good myself. Now Ethan has a fear of me cutting around his ears and neck, and don't even mention the razor to him. He starts crying and saying, "I'm scared!" I don't understand why he is afraid of his mother armed with scissors and an electrical device. Go figure.
Here is Cameron's Before and After:

*I FINALLY finished the bedroom set a friend of mine hired me to do. It turned out nice. I made the duvet, 4 pillows, and the bed skirt. I am fixing the middle striped pillow so it's not so overwhelming. And then I am finishing a window seat for someone else. And finally, I am working on my own bedroom set. Yipee!

*Why does my dog insist on eating cotton balls and fiber fill? Go figure. It's amazing where she finds it!

*I am off to take a shower. Over and out!

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