Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guilty Scrapping

I went to my first crop last night. I've been scrapping for over ten years and I have never been to a crop (besides for work). I enjoyed the company and the food. But it was not good for my self esteem. I turned out the worse three pages ever! All of the four other ladies were terribly talented. Normally I'm fairly comfortable showing my pages. But this time I was so embarrased! So much so that I'm not even posting those pages on my blog. I would lose all 3 of my blog readers if I did that! So, that may be my first and final crop.

Today I was not feeling in the church going mood. But sometimes you just have to drag yourself there. I'm glad I did. A man in our church gave a talk on the Atonment. All of his thoughts were deep and humble and feeled with gratitude. One part that touched my heart was about guilt. He said that guilt is a tool to be used to call you to repentance. After you repent you need to allow yourself to release that guilt. And when you feel guilt over things that there is no reason for guilt it is of Satan. This was a powerful moment for me. So many times in my everyday life I feel guilt about the laundry not done, the meals no one likes, or the things I don't get accomplished. These are things that do not require repentance. So I allow the guilt to overcome my life and I don't have room to receive His blessings. The more I think of it the less burdened I feel.

So, there's my Sunday devotion for you! Now I'm going to go eat a bag of Milano cookies and feel no guilt when I polish off the entire bag! :)

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