Thursday, January 12, 2006

My Cup Runneth Over

with pencils! This is ridiculous. I have pencils coming out of my ears. And I never use pencils! It seems that for every birthday, holiday, and award my children are given pencils at school. We have at least 12 pencils per child to commemorate every occasion known to man and beast. When I was in the primary presidency they gave away pencils when it was someone's birthday. I put an end to that tradition because I knew I would have 3 less pencils in my home. I throw away all those that are broken, missing erasers or have sticky residue left from little beasts. But I still have them everywhere. The ironic thing is that one can never find a sharp pencil.

See what I'm talking about. This is my junk drawer. It's actually a pencil drawer with a little junk thrown in. Under the phone books are more pencils. And don't forget the markers and the occasional pen. See that big blue thing? That's a dry erase marker. I don't own a dry erase board.

And finally so you appreciate my pain. Here is my kitchen counter in all it's glory. The rest of the kitchen isn't to bad. But this is the pain in my side. Can't. Get. Clean. So I am pleading to the organization gods, Help me with my kitchen/ desk/ junk drawer. I need something nifty to put in my drawer to keep everything separated and in its place in the drawer. I've tried silverware containers but the spaces are too small. And they leave a big wasted space around the edges. I need something to feel the entire drawer. Does anyone know of the miracle product I'm thinking of? And I'm also looking for a little organization fairy dust and will power to go with it. Anyone?

Here's a conversation I had with my man a few days ago.
Me (from now on I will be referred to as Queen of Laundry): "Did you put the laundry basket in the hall so I would do the laundry?
John: "Yes, I'm just trying to help. There's just a lot of laundry that needs to be done."
Queen of Laundry: "Yes, I know this. I'm the one that does 2 loads a day."
John: "If that were true the basket wouldn't be overflowing."
Queen of Laundry: "If I didn't do 2 loads of laundry everyday you wouldn't be able to find the laundry basket."
John: "People around here are using too much laundry. Everyone should realize that clothes aren't always dirty when you take them off. And we use too many towels in this house. We should only have to do one load of towels a week. It's a waste of resources when......" (when my man uses the word resources I instantly start to hear blah blah blah)

Keep that conversation in mind as you look at this next photo.
Image hosted by
John's Jeans................................. My Jeans
Interesting. Notice the difference in quantity? I rest my case.

Truthfully I am very thankful for a man who helps with laundry, dishes, children, etc. He's the man!

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