Monday, January 30, 2006

James Frey, Oprah, and Why I Am Writing My Blog Like This

Several people have reccommended A Million Little Pieces by James Frey. I wanted to read it before Oprah announced it on her show. But I never got the chance, and now the biography has become fiction. The The Smoking Gun did a great job in uncovering the truth.
Well, you don't cross Oprah folks. She has power and people listen to her. I am actually an admirer of Oprah. But I squirmed in my seat as she self righteously tore James down into a million little pieces.
The publisher on the book, Nan, was also on the show. She tried to cover her company's butt by calling it a memoir and not a biography. And Oprah couldn't understand why Nan didn't check the facts of the story before publishing it. Yes, she should have. But shouldn't Oprah have checked out the facts before she had James on her show and made him a millionaire from a million little pieces?
This entire thing could have been avoided if James had put a little author's note at the beginning of the book saying some parts of it were ficitonal. Too bad.
And guess what I did? I bought the book. John didn't want me to because it would be giving more money to a liar. Yes, but it was only $7.99. How much money could he be getting out of that?
But what bugs me about this entire book is not necessarily the lies. It is the fact that this book has no paragraphs. It has not indentations. No quotation marks anywhere. I can't tell who is talking when. Here's an example of what it is like to read a conversation in this book.
My daddy likes Rescue Hero movies.
Did he watch it with you?
No I watched it with him.
How annoying is this? Why didn't editing go crazy on James Frey? How can anyone get away with that? And that is why I am writing my blog like this today.
And now James is feeling deep shame on his way to the bank, and Oprah is adding another zero to her fortune. Shame on them.

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