Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Celebrate with me! My sister-in-law Heidi is finishing her final chemo treatment this week. She's been in the hospital since Friday night. But the good news is she will be finished either tomorrow or Thursday. Wonderful! Fabulous! I am so happy!

Heidi told me on the phone that she can't remember what she did before she got sick. I am so excited for her. Cancer takes over your entire life. Now she can have her life back. She can also leave the city she lives in for the first time in a year! Good things.

And here's a thumbs up to Daniel, my brother. I am so proud of you man! You showed us what it takes to truly love someone. You love Heidi and you stood by her side through it all. You rock!

And watch the mail Heidi. Hint, hint!

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Help Heidi

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