Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Trying To Be A Star

Do you ever feel like you're nothing and yet you are trying to be everything.
That's how I'm feeling.
Makes me a little sad.
I read this on Chris's blog

"We should be like that star - in our proper orbit and place on time putting our talents to work, doing what we have been asked to do. God has placed us in our proper human orbits with the same precision he used as He placed that star in a certain trajectory ages before it shone brightly that special night. LIke that star, we too must reflect the glory of God and not seek to shine for our own sakes. Illuminated individuals should remember that "a candle is not lighted for itself, and neither is a man." (Neal A. Maxwell)

So I'm trying to be a star. I'm in the correct orbit. I'm here for a purpose. God placed my children in my orbit and I'm doing what he's asking me to do.

Teach them.
Love them.

I'm trying to remember my candle can't light itself, and I am trying to help others light their candles.

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