Tuesday, December 6, 2005

I Just Scared Myself

Warning: This next post did not happen the way it was supposed to happen.

I remember watching "The Twilight Zone" when I was a kid. There's a part in there where a girl will never talk to anyone. And you never know why until they pull away for a shot of her face and there you see that she doesn't have a mouth! That scared the crap out of me!

Even now when you see characters in the show with dark eyes, or erased facial features it immediately sends me back into scared little girl. Did you see the Matrix? Do you remember when Mr. Anderson seems to melt Neo's lips together? Aaack, that's so wrong!

Which brings me to today. Cameron got back his soccer pictures this weekend. I wanted to put the picture up here because he has the funniest face in it! He totally ruined the picture because everyone smiled so sweetly. But because this is a public blog I wanted to erase the faces of the other children because I don't have permission to put their picture up for the world wide web. I decided to leave their smiles to emphasize the fact that everyone looked so perfect except for my little rug rat. You guessed it. I erased facial features and now I can't stand to look at the thing! I'm shaking at my computer I tell ya!

Here are the KING COBRAS! Don't look if you're scared.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And do you see the little twirp front and center? Upon asking Cameron why he had such a funny face he said, "mmm, I wasn't ready." That boy cracks me up! And the cute coach on the right belongs to me.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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