Friday, November 18, 2005

Katrine Needs...

I could post about the insanely long list of things I gotta do, or I could just do this because it's more entertaining:

I got this from Erica's blog who got it from Jessica's blog. You google your name with the word needs and then post the top 10 that come up.

1. Katrine needs 2 before they can advance in their jobs. (2 what? I don't know.)
2. Now Katrine needs an escort and Trey needs a date for an awards dinner. (an escort could be fun! hubba hubba)
3. Lake Katrine flower needs you will always know
4. That's it folks. Just as I suspected Katrine doesn't google that much. The remaining items that come up have to do with the hurricane known as Katrina.

So, I'm the only thing I have to leave you with is my To Do List:
1. Thanksgiving lunch with Cameron
2. type homework
3. write report for English
4. shop for birthday gifts for the weekend
5. take Madison to birthday party
6. clean house
7. do laundry
8. get Ethan dressed (I should probably do this before we do #1)
9. make dinner
10. work tonight, it's crop night so I'll be there until 12:30 a.m. Yawn...

Good bye.

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