Thursday, November 10, 2005

Can You Hear The Violin?

Have you had anyone pretend to play "the world's smallest violin" when you are complaining about something? Well, be prepared to pull out your violin......

Here is my list of things to do:
-clean the house AGAIN
-my homework
-children's homework
-run errands
-cook dinner
-dress Ethan sometime before above errands
-work tonight
-prepare for scrapbook class tonight
-sew comforter, pillows, and pillow cases for friend
-sew bridesmaid dress for a girl
-make Dr's appointment
-take Ethan to speech

I'm overwhelmed. And my personal demons seem to be on attack today. I procrastinate, and I get discouraged. Usually, I'm a fairly social person. But lately I have this deep desire to turn off my phones, lock the doors, and never leave the house. If I could keep my children and husband home and never have to see anyone else again I really think I would do it. Except for the people who deliver my Chinese food, they can come anytime.

I have some decisions to make concerning the future. I know as children of God, and because we live in the USA, we are blessed with free agency. But there are times I wish I could just give away all my choices and insecurities to someone and say, "Do with it what you will."

I guess this is when you say, "Let go and let God." I give it to Him.

I am reading "A Mom After God's Own Heart." I picked up this book the other night when I had my nervous breakdown. I'm just trying to put a little perspective into my life.

Often times I feel like I am the only one who feels this way. I see these beautiful women who seem to have control. So I'm sending this question into the cosmos, "Am I alone in feeling less than in control?"

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