Friday, October 14, 2005

Warning: Rambling Mumbo Jumbo Ahead

John is away. Miss him. Love him. Good luck babe. Please send good thoughts and prayers his way.

Slept about 4 hours last night. Thank you sweet Ethan.

I have to go to Target, Kohl's and Old Navy today. I'm also going to the scrapbook store just because I wanna.

My house is such a mess. So, after above shopping trip I am going to clean until it sparkles or I die. I think I'll be dying tonight.

I don't think my big brother Jason doesn't read my blog anymore. Sigh, he just doesn't love me anymore. He's tired of hearing and reading my sad story about how hot Texas is, how we have big bugs, and hurricanes that the forecasters tell you are going to leave you homeless with one little bottle of water to share with a family of 5. So, he's in his CLEAN home with a cool breeze blowing through the house.

Speaking of bugs we are being infested with spiders and weird tiny bugs that like to crawl into my kitchen sink. I quite enjoy turning on hot water and washing those little black specs into my garbage disposal. grrrrrrrrrrr (that's my garbage disposal noise) bugs! I need to call an exterminator.

Did you know exterminators don't do rats? We learned that the hard way. Someday I'll tell you about the rats the size of cats that made our lives a nightmare. Oh, and vanilla helps to eliminate the putrid smell of dead rats in your attic.

I owe a huge thanks to my friend Carolyn. Yesterday she went far beyond the call of duty and helped me prepare for my scrapbook class. Seriously, I couldn't have pulled my class off last night without her help. And then she watched my children so I could teach class, and it was even a school night! Carolyn is one of those friends who will do anything for you. She has a heart of gold. Her oldest, Annie, is my oldest daughter's best friend. Her next daughter is Ally and she has become one of Ethan's favorite people. I just adore those girls! And, I can't believe I'm admitting this, but her husband is one fine specimen. A man's man, if you wish. If I weren't married I'd let him be my boyfriend.

Scott, grrrrrrrr.............(that's my sexy tiger growl)
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