Thursday, October 20, 2005

Sad News

While I was in Florida one of my friends found out her 4 year old daughter, I'll call her E on this blog for the family's privacy, has a brain tumor. They had surgery and the Dr.'s feel it went as well as it could. She is now in ICU for the next several days. They believe the tumor is malignant but they will know for sure when the biopsy comes back. E will most likely start chemotherapy in a couple of weeks.

Cancer has become one of my most major fears in life. My beloved mother passed away from it, my wonderful SIL is currently undergoing treatment help heidi John's sister survived cancer when she was a child, and John's young cousin died from it several years ago. I hate it. I fear it.

Usually my prayers are for the family, the Dr.'s and of course the patient. But I'm changing my prayer. I want a miracle. E deserves a miracle. Heidi deserves a miracle. I want the cancer gone. Please pray for E and for Heidi.

Pray, pray, pray.

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