Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Pumpkin Patch and Strange Things Happening!

The stupid blogger ate my original post! It was very entertaining but I don't want to write it again, so here's the short version.

Pumpkin Patch
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Thanks for coming with us Ray!
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The lighting is harsh, but I love this picture. Don't Madison and Ethan look alike? And that's Ray being cool.
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And here is the family in the lamest pumpkin maze ever created for $2 a head.
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Last night John took the garbage can out to the street because the garbage truck comes in the morning. This morning I went out and there's our trash, there's the lid to the garbage can, and there's the lid to the garbage can, but where's the can? Someone absconded with our can but left the wheels and the lid! The least they could have done was take the trash!

John left for work shaking his head in wonder, "why would someone remove the wheels from the can before stealing it?" He returned a minute later. He'd found the can behind our house and around the corner lying in the ditch. It was crushed on the side.

Apparantly someone hit the can that was next to the curb, then they neatly placed the garbage on the grass easement with the lid and wheels. Thinking they had repaired the damage they drove down the street before they realized the can was under their car. Finally, they dislodged the can and threw it in the ditch in hopes that we wouldn't notice the wheels were missing a can! Do you think someone's been drinking on our street?

We left the mangled can next to the trash in hopes the garbage man would take it away. He didn't. Now what am I supposed to do with it?
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Next Post: I'll tell you the story of a forgotten password, Amazon, and a collect call from an inmate named Rick.

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