Thursday, October 20, 2005


Yes, I went to Florida. I've never been to Florida. John had a business trip so I went along for the first few days. It was absolutely wonderful! The weather was amazing, the hotel was gorgeous, and John and I were alone.

We stayed at the Hyatt resort. It was a beautiful building. But the grounds were amazing. Our room was on the 10th floor and so we had a wonderful view of the gardens. Here is a picture of the pool, the private beach, horse trails, and a delicious restaurant we ate at called "Hemingway".

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We could see Disney World from our hotel. So obviously Orlando would be very kid friendly. But apparently our hotel was an old folks home in disguise. I think John and I were the youngest people there. I'm not complaining because it was a very calming place to stay, but I definitely would not choose that hotel to take my 3 rugrats. We are planning to take my kids to Disney World for vacation. It was hard to be so close to the happiest place on earth without my children.

So, this hotel was very classy and dignified. But sometimes I feel that I've been around my brother's too much. Their behavior and their sense of humor rubs off on me. Here I am at this posh hotel checking out the statue.

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They do not circumcise their statues in Florida.

Another thing they don't have in Florida is Dr. Pepper. This is my drink of choice and they don't carry it anywhere. One of the waitresses at IHOP told me "You'll have to go to a 7-Eleven for that sort of drink." She said it like I wanted to drink beer from a can in a paper sack. This is IHOP! You are not some ritzy hotel where soda is above you! So, I was happy to get on the plane and the flight attendant gave me my first DP after 4 days. Me thinks I have an addiction.

J, thanks for taking me along. I really enjoyed reconnecting with you. We needed it. Just time to focus.

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