Saturday, September 24, 2005

That's It?

This is my final sky picture. If you look at the very bottom of the picture you can see sunny sky. The top of the picture is at it's darkest.
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And this is about as bad as it is going to get for us. Yes, I am thankful. I am relieved. I also feel like I was made a fool of! I packed, cleaned, shopped, and baked. Cookies, doughnuts, bread, and soup later the news man now tells us that we probably won't even get rain.

John wants to turn off the power tonight so we can use the flashlights he has spent all day charging. I think I'll make goodie plates for the neighbors.

I've actually learned quite a few lessons on preparation and panic. I saw people in the stores in panic mode. There were definitely people on the freeway that were desperate. I didn't panic but I had felt anxiety and had to learn how to deal with it.

Continued prayers for those that will be affected. There is a place called Cameron that may get quite a punch from Rita. I hope they are safe and prepared. And in honor of Cameron, here's a picture of my Cameron swinging. (What kind of mother let's her child play outside in a hurricane warning anyway!) I feel guilty that I'm relieved that it's someone else's storm. But I'm quite aware of the fact that it could have been mine.
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So, unless something unexpected happens tonight you will not be bothered by these emails from me again. Thank goodness we are safe and thank goodness there's an end to this email dialogue huh?
Sleep well tonight!
The Texans

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