Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita, You Evil Woman!

Just an update. The kid's school will be closed Thursday and Friday. So, I think I've convinced John that it would be wise to go to Austin (thank you Lee and Susan). They are predicting 75+ mph wind where we live, heavy rain, and great chances of tornadoes. Hurricane Katrina was a category 4 or 5, Rita is a strong 4. John thought it would be cool to stay and live through the hurricane. No thank you.
I went to Wal-Mart today. I wish I had taken my camera. It was like a movie. A lot of the shelves were empty. The water, toilet paper, canned goods and first aid items are gone. I managed to get the last four boxes of candles. A lot of people are on panic mode. I saw one woman with 20 life jackets in her cart. I was so tempted to ask her, "What are you going to do with those?" If you think you need life jackets I think you it would be wise to evacuate! There was one lady buying 6 gallons of milk. Does she not realize that when the power goes out (and it will) your milk will be gone? The man in front of me was buying about 8 pounds of lunch meat. Huh?
I wanted to top off my gas tank today. The first two gas stations were out of fuel. I had to wait at the third for about 10 minutes. Eleven gallons and $30 later I have a full tank. John filled his truck last night and we have some full containers in the garage. John met a guy at the gas station that just bought a generator last night for $2500. He was getting all the fuel he could because it is a gallon an hour to run the thing. But I think it's nearly worthless because you can't run your air conditioning off it and that's all that matters to me in Texas! Oh, and John filled our two propane tanks.
There are reports that banks are closing because they don't have enough cash for the sudden demand. Gotta love my dh for stashing cash!
I'm glad Texas is taking this so seriously. They evacuated 2,000 people out of Galveston this morning who didn't have any transportation. They've been taking those in hospitals and nursing homes to safety since yesterday. So far I'm very impressed at how organized everything is.
Tonight I am packing up my pictures because these are so important to me because they can't be replaced. We'll also pull important documents out of our filing cabinet. I think we'll also take the tower to our computer. We have a list on how to prepare our home. Unfortunately, there's no more wood to be found at home depot so we'll have to leave our windows unboarded.
Anyway, that's where we stand as of now. If John wants to stay because he thinks the hurricane would be cool, we may need to have an intervention. I just don't want to risk tornadoes, floods, and no air conditioning!
Oh, and this is for your viewing pleasure. You can click here to watch the hurricane. They are saying this storm is as big as Texas in size, and it is the largest storm Texas has seen in 100 years. Lucky us!
PS. We'll have our cell phones but they'll probably go out too.

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