Wednesday, September 7, 2005

"Our New Orleans Neighbors"

When you turn on the news here in Houston they always refer to the evacuees as "our New Orleans neighbors". Well, we now have New Orleans neighbors next door. We had neighbors, Robin and Beth, that moved to a larger home about six months ago. They are trying to fix up their old house, next to us, and get it ready to rent or sale. Well, Robin went down to a near by hotel and found a family that needed a home to stay in. Robin, I know you don't read this little blog of mine, but way to go! I am truly impressed with your hospitality to strangers.

Our new neighbors include a man with his wife who is 8 months pregnant, his parents, and his wife's two sisters. With the six adults came 6 dogs, two cats, and two ferrets. That's quite a group for a 3 bedroom house, but they said they were so grateful and happy to be here.

The parent's said they believe their house to be mostly fine. The young couple has some severe damage to their home but they think it can be fixed. As for the sister's, who happen to be twins, their home is completely gone.

They kept talking about how wonderful Houston has been to them. The hotel offered greatly discounted rates. The first night was $75, the second night was $50, and for the week following they were charged $35 a night. They also took off any extra charges like a pet deposit.

People brought them everything they needed. Like clothes, food, cleaning supplies.

The Olive Garden gave them 25% discount off their dinner when they couldn't stand fast food anymore.

Someone helped the woman find an OB. The dr. took her immediately because she is so close to this baby's arrival (a boy by the way).

We tried to help them but they seem to have everything they need for the time. I also offered my washer and dryer when they needed it. They are just waiting to see when they can get home, start working, and begin school again. They seem to be hopeful and in good shape for now.

When I introduced myself they started laughing and saying, "You're name is Katrina, no way!" I corrected them and said no a, it's Katrinnnnnnnne. So now when they say my name they pronounce it, "Katrinnnnnnnne."

I have always had a love/hate relationship with Texas. I like it because we live in a nice area, the school's great, and my J has a nice job. But I hate the heat (yes it is that bad) and I can get lonely here without family. And I also find it annoying how much people act like this state is the best in the US. But the way Texans are rising to the occasion makes me say I'm proud to be a Texan.

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