Monday, September 19, 2005

Have Mercy!

I've been MIA for some time now. Life just has a way of getting away from me and I can't seem to pull myself from under the mountain of laundry. Seriously, look:
We had Cameron's birthday party on Saturday. I think it was a success. It's nice to seem him interact with boys his age because he is not a very social creature. I can't believe he's 7!
Cameron had a super hero party. So I made capes for each of the kids. And then they decorated their own masks. They looked so cute "flying" around! I cropped off the heads because I don't have permission to publish the boy's faces on my little old blog.And this is the birthday boy flying high:Ethan makes me laugh. As soon as you put that boy in costume he instantly turns into that character. His voice changes, the sound affects begin, and he is my super hero!Today I HAVE to get laundry, grocery shopping and a couple of errands done. I also need to check on my classes to make sure I'm where I think I am. None of these are my favorite things to do. Maybe that's why I've let it go so long. By george, I think she's got it! My mom told me once that I have the same problem she has, that we procrastinate. At the time I was a little insulted that she would compare myself to her (I was a teenager hence the attitude). But now I realize she's right. I'm turning into my mother! Man, I miss that lady.

I've been struggling lately with forgiveness. Although it is something I strongly believe in, and I've practiced it many times, I've had a difficult time. Someone said some things that truly hurt me deeply. I also know that I needed to get past this hurt because it is not doing myself a bit of good. Last night John and I were channel surfing when we happened to see Joel Osteen on TV. He's a preacher who has become quite the celebrity in Texas. It was very odd for me to actually listen to him because I am LDS and I've always been turned off by preachers doing their thing on TV. But everything I've read and heard about Joel Osteen has been impressive. So I watched. His words were true last night and something that I needed to hear right now.

He said that you cannot hold onto things in the past. It's in the past. You have to let go of the pain now. You have to forgive. This is the part that really made me listen. You have to be willing to accept God's mercy. You need to ask forgiveness and be willing to accept God's mercy. So, today I am accepting God's mercy. I no longer feel bitter and resentful to the person who did me wrong. Yes, it still stings, but I'm not willing to let it affect my life or the relationship I have with my family anymore. I'm accepting God's mercy.

Now I'm going to beg my laundry to have mercy!

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