Thursday, September 8, 2005

Could I be any more boring?

Today I have helped my "Louisianna neighbors" go to the bank.

Then I ordered cookies for Cameron's class for his birthday. Because of all the weird rules the public schools like to come up with we can now only have birthday cookies if we order them through the cafeteria. Something about we can only have cookies that weigh a certain amount because we don't want our children to get fat and yet mom's all over the school send their kids to school with twinkies and coke and then we'll threaten to take away the PE program because of the cost. (yes, I know that's a run on sentence, but I'm using it to get my point across that I'm frustrated with all the rules and regulations)

Then I did homework. I worked on my medical terminology class. I felt a panic attack coming on while I did it. You see I got brave last year and took an anatomy class. I have always wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to go to nursing school in spite of the fact that you have to take science. I gave it a go and it kicked my butt. I did homework for 40 hours plus a week and lived and breathed anatomy. It didn't do me any good. I walked away with a big fat F. So, I came crashing back to reality and realized nursing was beyond my skills as a simple minded woman. I am now going to do Office administration with a medical specialty. For this I need medical terminology. Working on chapter two it started to look like the anatomy nightmare I experience last year. My heart rate shot up but I kept plugging away. And you know what? This chapter two was like the cliff notes for chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 in anatomy. By golly, I think I can do it!

Now I need to play with Ethan, clean the house, and finally take Ethan to speech today. I also work tonight. So, I will leave with my most recent project for work. It was greatly inspired from a Paper Crafters magazine. I just threw in a few of my own touches and reinforced it with chipboard. It stands up for display like on a mantle.

Later bloggers!

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