Monday, August 29, 2005

blah blah blah....

My life is so busy right now that I'm finding it hard to complete a sentence. So this blog entry is going to be a rambler!

Rain Rain Go Away! Katrina has arrived with all her force! I feel a close relationship with storm because of the name and because it is ruining my plans! John has a business trip in New Orleans in the near future. I was going to tag along just for fun. A little romance for this mom of three (we can only hope). But it looks like we're going to get rained out.

But I do know what it is like to wait for a hurricane to pass. The winds are incredible. The devastation is life altering. I remember staying up all night once watching the water out our front window hoping it would stop. The rain came up to three feet from our front door. We were the lucky ones that year. So I am praying for those in the path of Katrina!

School started for myself today. I love online classes! I have three this time around. It always feels good to get the mind moving again.

Why does it take me two hours to get my kids to sleep? Tonight there was lots of crying, yelling, and unpleasantness. You should see their bedroom! Holy Cow! They think that bedtime is time to make your own personal Katrina. Wait until they get a load of the wrath of Katrine tomorrow! Seriously, I could use your help. What works for you in the battle of the bedtime? And please don't tell me to give them a warm bath, a glass of milk, and sweet bedtime stories. I've tried this until it is a faithful routine. But mix with that hair pulling, crying, bed wetting, and gnashing of the teeth and you can picture our bed time routine.

I've finally had some time tonight to work on Paul's missionary scrapbook. Here's another sample.

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